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One thing that’s cool about having a decently sized following on this blog is that, from time to time, our readers actually send me good ideas and/or content to post. For example, just recently Elizabeth emailed me a link to a cool infographic put together by Celebrity Cruise Lines entitled 20 Facts You Never Knew About Inaugurating a Ship. Most people are likely familiar with one or two of the points that are shown on that image but I doubt many readers are aware of all of them. Check out that link, it’s pretty interesting. And thanks for sharing, Elizabeth!

Even though we didn’t know all of the history that is laid out on Celebrity Cruise Line’s pic, we did make an attempt at a proper ceremony when we renamed our PDQ from Katana to Zero To Cruising. 🙂


  1. Who’s that long-haired fella?

  2. So! If I got this right, you poured $400 worth of Champagne into the water during a meaningless richual. And I thought you guy’s were wise.

  3. What the HHH! Didn’t think you guys were going to drink any of that for a while!

  4. Steve and Gloria Stanforth - Reply

    I did notice the Rocna in the pic you still happy as we are with it

  5. Another interesting and informative post. Thank you for sharing.

  6. Arent you suppose to break the bottle over the bow spirit?

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