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While we spent yesterday morning with typical boat maintenance and cleaning, we paddled our SUPs to shore in the afternoon for some old-school ZTC fun. These pics were taken while “walking” the beach near Brewers Bay where we’ve been anchored the last two nights. This just goes to show that you needn’t travel far to find some adventure.

It’s pretty easy to see when I passed the camera over to Rebecca. 🙂


  1. There are two Brewers Bays, St Thomas and Tortola. Presumably this was on Tortola.

    You might have needed to swim back to the boat, just to cool down after that.



  2. Even with all the demands of running a charter vessel you two seem to find time out for some personal fun. Glad to see you guys are not all work and no play…

  3. On the camera switch…
    Most of my oldest daughter’s videos do not show me, I’m just the voice behind the camera!

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