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Our friends Chris and Chrystal are in the process of moving their sailing school and yacht brokerage base of operations to Secret Harbor, the bay where we’re presently anchored. This new spot will be much improved over their previous location, and among other advantages, will include a dock for the boats in their care. In preparation for using this dock, our friends called us this morning to ask if they could borrow our portable depth sounder, hoping to use it to take sounding around the pier. I shared that we had just recently sold the device during our spring cleaning, and lamented that when we did, it was only partially working (that’s what happens to electronics that go unused). I told them that we did have a traditional lead line though, if they wanted to tackle the job old school. They were game, and we got the job done, no problem!





Funny addition to this story. When one of the local commercial divers who was also on site, saw what we were doing, he called us over, offering to loan us his portable depth sounder. Guess what? His wouldn’t work either, apparently needing new batteries. I guess old school rules!


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