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One week from today the USVI charter boat show will commence. Getting the Leopard ready for this show has been a goal of ours long before we even took possession of her at the end of July. How are we doing? I am happy to report that with only some cleaning (a lot of cleaning) and minor tweaking to do, she is ready. The question is, are Rebecca and I ready? 🙂

With the help of our friends Keith and Jamie, we are beginning to get the lay of the land here. As I mentioned in my last post, they offered to take Rebecca and I on a bit of an “island tour” on Saturday. Unlike a typical island tour that most tourists would go on, we boarded an open-air safari bus, known here as a dollar bus for the fee that you pay, and travelled the island to find out where all of the big shopping places are. We also visited a couple of the marinas to introduce ourselves to the staff and find out the details on the services that they offer. No doubt we’ll be taking advantage of many of them in the coming months.

We were out on the bow early yesterday morning taking photos for our new article for Sail magazine.
We submitted the article and photos moments ago.


  1. Ah! I expect Owner Michael can see a few changes since his trip down to Grenada.

    Do your preparations for next week include a large amount of alcohol for the Agents, Brokers and spongers who should be there. Long before they glance at your glossy brochure they will evaluate your charter package by the booze on offer. Or so it has seemed to me at various trade shows in the past.

    Will you be putting a downloadable copy of your brochure on either of the blog sites? I hope so.


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