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Notice anything missing?

You can see in the photo below the two strips of sticky-backed sail cloth that we used to reinforce the area that was torn above the reef point. Even though Rebecca did an admirable job sewing around the material, it unfortunately just wasn’t up to the stresses.

Being able to shorten sail is important so we decided to turn the job over to the professionals at Tropical Sail Loft.

Unlike what we did, they used a lot of heavy material to reinforce the area above and beside the reefing cringle.

So, $250.00 US later, we now have our sail back. Not quite “as good as new,” because it is almost 10 years old, but it should still be able to move us along for a while yet.


  1. As a non sailor I would guess a sail?

  2. Oh no! That’s almost the price of a GoPro camera!!

    Or 100 Presidente beers!

  3. In the crazy world of marine prices, I think you got away fairly cheap. What’s a sailboat without sails?

  4. I couldn’t stop staring at the pretty halyards! I assume the answer to the question is “me”. On a serious note, congratulations on your journey thus far and what lies ahead for you both. I’ll be checking daily! Fair winds

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