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How consistent have we been at posting on this blog? Here are some calculations that I made yesterday, March 27, 2017.


Our first blog post was made October 13, 2008.

The difference between that date and yesterday is 3088 days, or 441 weeks (+ 1 day).

441 weeks x 6 posts/week = 2646 posts.

As of yesterday our blog had 2604 posts, so that means that we have been posting just shy 6 days per week for 8.5 years. Do we at least win an award for consistent posting?

Success isn’t always about greatness. It’s about consistency. Consistent hard work leads to success. Greatness will come. – Dwayne Johnson


  1. You are the most consistent poster that I have found of all the boat related blogs that I have followed, so you get the award.

  2. I have definitely been impressed with your dedication to posting on your blog. Awesome!

  3. It’s been Fun following your Blog– I have been since the beginning..
    Hard to imagine it’s been 8+ Years..

    Thanks for sharing– Kent..


    Here is another consistent Blogger that I follow..

  5. Mike,
    I appreciate your consistency. I know I can almost always find a new post every day and it’s part of my daily routine. There are many sailing/travel blogs that I put in my favorites but after realizing there are very infrequent posts, they get deleted pretty quick.
    You definitely win the trophy in that category.

  6. I also appreciate your consistency, and find it amazing that you find the time.

    But cusious, the question has come up in my mind…why do you post so much?

    Does the blog provide enough financial incentive? Or do you just enjoy sharing everything with the world?

    No bad answer there.

    • “Does the blog provide enough financial incentive?” Oh, how I wish that this were true.

      The money we make from the blog barely keeps up with what it costs for me to host it, if it does at all. Maybe someday though. 🙂

      Why do I continue to do it? I ask myself that some days too.

      • LOL, not complaining…and I’m definitely hooked to your blog! Looking forward to the cycle adventures, in the meantime, love to hear about the local treks / boat issues being resolved, etc!

        • I didn’t take it that you were complaining. They were good questions, but ones that probably don’t have a black or white answer though. I also suspect that the answer to the “why” question changes on a day to day basis.

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