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Are you good at saying goodbye? I’d be surprised if you answered that question with a yes. I think most people would say that they have difficulty parting with close friends and family, and for obvious reasons. Our dog’s trainer Dave Sly back in Kingston was wise enough to know that most people suffered from this affliction and he had a great way of dealing with it. When people drove up to his kennel to drop of their dogs, he would quickly whisk the pets away into the building and then close the door. In this way, there was no opportunity for the owners to get all teary-eyed, upsetting their pets in the process. His methods worked!

Unfortunately, it is the goodbye time of year for us though. In the last several days alone, we have said our fair-wells to multiple friends, some of whom we have grown extremely close to (you know who you are). I know that there are a portion of these people that we will see again in our travels later this season but I also know that there are at least a few who, because of their plans, the chances of that happening are remote. That, of course, makes us sad but when it comes to saying goodbye, I prefer the Dave Sly approach, quick and sans tears. After all, these people have new adventures waiting for them in other locales and new friends to make. It would be selfish to not be happy for them, wouldn’t it?

Photo courtesy of Carlton Grooms.


  1. I’d rather linger and appreciate the moment. Just saying. Until next time!

  2. It is an unfortunate part of the lifestyle…but I love knowing my friends are in interesting places and I can visit them there!

  3. This song came into my mind after reading Your post

    “a Scottish poem written in 1788 by Robert Burns and later set to the music of a folk song”

  4. Wait until you have to say goodbye to me one day! It will be the happiest time in your life!!lol

  5. A quick “see you later” is the best way to go. Long good beys are treacherous to me. The world (and life itself) is as small or as large as we make it. “Seeing you later” is always a consideration, and surely a hope. Time, also, is a conventional notion … time does not exist in itself !

  6. No goodbyes from us; only see ya laters!
    hasta luego. K&D

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