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Yesterday I didn’t post on the blog because our internet wasn’t working well. Today, with all that has happened in Paris (and is still ongoing), writing about boats almost seems inappropriate. Even though Rebecca and I live largely off the grid, and for the most part, are far removed from most of the world’s horrors, we still shudder like everyone else to hear of these atrocities, and feel for the victims. It happens infrequently but I’m at a loss for words. Perhaps we should (all) go sailing. #onlylove


  1. Thank you so much for your awareness of what is happening, both in Paris and Beirut. There was also a large fire at the Calais refugee camp in the night (causes still unknown) which has made a lot of very poor people even worse off. It has also felt very odd to launch the antarctica blog today but I’ve been all over social media about the attacks as well. Yes – going sailing seems like a very good solution but of course in the Med we are also dealing with the facts of sea-borane desperate refugees. The quote ‘no-one puts their children in a boat unless the water is safer than the land’ is taken from Shire’s poem which you can read at Sail safely and enjoy life.

  2. Not to mention the people of Beirut, and all the other places this last couple of weeks. We usually only hear about attacks in Europe, not those in the Middle East or Africa. We need to be thinking about ALL the people of the world.

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