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At the moment we are tied to a wall, just west of Lock 11, near the town of Amsterdam, NY. The wall has several other boats tied along side it, including one directly behind us from St. Catherines, ON. They tell us that they are also heading south. Very cool.

In the last two towns we have stopped at Rebecca and I have made attempts to go exploring. In Canajoharie, our last stop, we popped in to a tourist information booth and were told by the older lady working there that basically, there wasn’t much to see in that town. 🙁

Yesterday we walked into Amsterdam and asked a lady working at a restaurant which direction we should walk to see the town. She really had no good advice either so we just strolled around. I’m guessing that many of these locks are not in the heart of town.

Today we’ll be heading towards Waterford although if the place just before Lock 6 (Crescent Terminal Wall) is suitable, we’ll stop there for the night. We’re leaving early enough so that if we don’t like that wall we’ll have time to finish the remainder of the locks in the canal. Our pass expires tomorrow so we need to complete it then, or pay more money of course.

Welcome to Canajoharie!

Good thing we didn’t rely on the tourist-information lady. Another lady on a street saw us walking with a map and she directed us to this cool place: The Boiling Pot!

Rebecca didn’t think her white shorts would be appropriate for swimming. I had no such problems to contend with.

This was a popular spot. There were many people here enjoying the water.

Back to work!

Relaxing after a swim in Amsterdam (NY).


  1. Hi,

    I’ve enjoyed following your journey from dreaming to doing. We just bought our first sailboat this year. If you stop in Kingston, NY on your way down, I would be happy to bring you around if you need to stock up on anything. Enjoy your trip!

  2. Have I mentioned how great it is that you two are updating this blog so much? It’s really great! Thanks a ton for the stories, photos tips most of all, just for being so good at posting regularly. It is that consistency that really “takes you there”:) Keep up the great work and keep having fun.

  3. looks like a lovely place -maybe you should become the tourist guides!

  4. I suspect that the people in thee tourist booths are getting tired of answering questions. However, they really aren’t doing their jobs very well! Perhaps they don’t know any more about the town than you do! You would be surprised how many people, even those of us who live in tourist areas, don’t know much of what tourists want to know about our towns. I often find that I can’t answer questions about where to eat out, since I don’t eat out when I’m at home! Enjoy your trip anyway. Sometimes it’s more fun to wander around and find the hidden gems!

    • I think it would be good if the people working in those booths “read the crowd” a bit too. The swimming place was very cool for us. The “garden,” which she tried to tell us about (which required driving to we later found out), might have been more appropriate for some others. Either way, don’t tell the visitors that there isn’t much to see!

  5. I have been enjoying your site since it began and I hope you continue to wright .How much did the cannel pass cost, keep up the good job and all the best to you both. Brian

    • Hi Brian. We paid for a 10 day pass which, for our length of vessel, was 37.50. For a two day pass it was about 15 bucks. For a season pass it was 75.00. There was a slightly lesser price for smaller boats and a higher price for larger vessels, over 40 feet I think.

  6. It’s a good thing you said it was Amsterdam, NY….based on the smile on Rebecca’s face…i would have SWORE it was Amsterdam, Netherlands 🙂

  7. Just to let you know,all this great information is being compiled for our trip thru the canal. Our Bahamas plans were delayed a year,so we stay put this winter. Too much going on with relocating,dealing with 2 houses etc..
    We were going to shortcut the trip by trailering to Florida and going across on our 26,but in a change of plans,we’ll have to go across Erie,and thru the canal to accomodate our BIGGER (35-38) boat! Still in the shopping stage…but soon….life is still good!
    Keep up the great research!!

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