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Rebecca and I spent the last two days at Clarks Court Marina and Boatyard, helping our friends Steve and Darla re-commission and launch their new (and our previous) boat. That is my excuse for a lack of an update yesterday. Formerly Zero To Cruising, but now officially renamed Forever, the lovingly cared for PDQ 32 catamaran is now back in the water where she belongs.

Her new owners have had a very stressful couple of weeks (months!), with Hurricane Matthew putting a few kinks in their plans. They’ve made it though, and even though most of their worldly belongings are still in transit, they are ready to begin enjoying the Caribbean, cruiser style.


There are so many boats at Clarks Court, and they are so tightly packed, it was tricky for the guys to move Forever from her resting spot. They made it work though. Impressive!

Someone commented on Facebook that this must be a bitter sweet moment for us. I replied that no, it was not at all bitter sweet, it was just sweet. Boats are designed to be sailed, and I can think of no better people than Steve and Darla to continue her travels. If you’d like to keep up to date with our friends, they’ve started a Facebook Page. Once they get their Wi-Fi situation sorted out, which will hopefully be later today, the posting on that page may become even more regular.

Our first sail together!

In other news, somewhat coincidentally, Facebook reminded me this morning that it was 8 years ago today that Rebecca and I went for our first sail together, in a boat quite a bit smaller than a PDQ 32. How things have changed!


Our first sail together, in a Laser, in Deep River, Ontario. The water was COLD!


  1. Happy for all involved! Happy Anniversary too!

  2. OK Who said it first.. ” I think we need a bigger boat” LOL

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