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The dreary, rainy day outside accurately reflects our mood today. In spite of the fact that are we leaving this evening to rendezvous with Anthony, Jackie and our new boat Katana, today is also the day that we must turn our dog Tyson over to his new family. 🙁

It’s not like we didn’t know this was coming. And it’s not like we aren’t in control of the situation. We did know that we would have to give him up if we were to pursue our cruising plans. There just is no way our 100 lb. German Shepherd, who has never been tied up a day in his life, would ever be happy on a tiny catamaran! The real issue, and what is causing us the most problem, is that we had always thought that we would give him up just before we left town. Because our revised Plan has us living aboard our boat right now, and not leaving Kingston until next Summer, a less than favorable situation has developed.

We are very grateful for Tyson’s new family, and know with total confidence that he will be happy and well cared for with them. That doesn’t make today any easier though. Rebecca is convinced that, after today, she will never be able to see him again. Her being that unhappy also stresses me a great deal!

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