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  1. You guys can definitely get away with this baby blog/not!

  2. She is delicious! Yay for baby pics (and thank you)!

  3. She is teeny, and adorably precious. And I see so much Rebecca in her. You guys must be having a blast (and falling in *love*.) Great photos!

  4. Wow! She looks just like Rebecca! What a little doll!

  5. Wait ’til she meets Noa!!!

  6. We know you’re not a baby blog but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy these pictures! Honestly, Harper is so photogenic and who doesn’t love a smiling baby?
    And as a pit bull owner (Wilbur celebrated his third birthday today) I love the doggy photo too.

  7. What a beautiful child. Love the wee show of the bottom tooth. I too can see some Rebecca in there.
    Have you had a bath yet? That’s the one thin I missed on a boat, a nice hot bath with a glass of wine on the side. Have a wonderful time.

  8. So glad you shared pictures of your grand-daughter … she’s adorable! I love the second picture of her in between the both of you .. love her little smile.

    Congratulations and enjoy your visit!

  9. Such a precious time you’re having, i’m sure you’re treasuring every moment !! (loved the pic of the two of you with your foul-weater-jackets on 🙂

  10. If you knew that Whey caused and accelerated cancer, would you feed it to your baby?
    simple yes or no is OK.

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