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Today we’ll be saying goodbye to Georgetown, SC, where we have spent the last day and a half or so. Our friends on Knot Tide Down have caught up and once again, tried to corrupt us by dragging us to a couple of the local watering holes for beverages and billiards. I am very thankful for our American friends being such gracious hosts and allowing this Canadian couple to kick their butts at pool, repeatedly. 🙂

We were also happy that our new friends Drew and Melanie were able to drive down to see us on our boat. We gave them a complete tour and then took them over to Knot Tide Down to show them what a cruising trawler was like.

Georgetown is an extra bit interesting for us because, although we know there are many places with the same name, when we think of Georgetown we first think of the capital of the Exumas, what cruisers frequently refer to as “Chicken Harbor.” We have read that it is referred to that because many cruisers never go any further in their travels south due to the larger expanses of water that need to be crossed to do so.

Let there be no confusion… Georgetown, SC, is NOT Chicken Harbor. Although a common stop for snowbirds, most we have seen are moving south quickly, hurried along by our recent bout of extra cold weather, and we’re now following suit.

Georgetown, SC, where we are now…

Georgetown, Bahamas, where we want to go!


  1. I vote for Georgetown Bahamas….Luv that shot of both harbors..As Americans and as a nation, we always let illegal immigrants win at pool…..KIDDING!

  2. My first thought was the Georgetown section of Washington DC!

  3. I have to say that the water of Georgetown Bahamas beats the other water hands down!!

    I know where I’d rather be heading…. and YOU ARE actually heading there! WOOT!!

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