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Instead of resting comfortably on ZTC back in the Simpson Bay Lagoon, Rebecca and I are currently holed-up in a hotel room in Miami. Our first plane out of LA yesterday was apparently not quite up to the task of flying. We only realized that though when the pilot slammed on the brakes a brief second before the plane was about to leap into the air. Scary? Well, unexpected, to say the least. Such is travel.

If today goes as planned we’ll be back to SXM later this afternoon. As much as we are already missing our family, we are definitely looking forward to getting home to our boat. Flying is for the birds!

All was well once we finally got in the air.

Beer-Thirty arrived pretty early yesterday!


  1. Oh the joy of flying….

    And yes, upselling on beer size and adding an extra shot of liquor to a drink are two of the biggest selling items in just about any airport in the U.S. Safe travels!

  2. Ah — flying — when you have to give up all control. I’m not afraid to fly, but sailing does give us full responsibility for our own safety. I have control issues. Happy landings back in the Caribbean.

  3. There should at least be a credit it free flight
    In your future.

  4. I was curious what your mixed emotions would be about leaving……Glad you had a great time and are ready to continue with your journey.

    • I don’t think that our feelings would be much of a surprise to anyone. We love our family and miss them but we live on a boat in the Caribbean. So, like any other people who visit distant relatives, we had to go home.

  5. Wish I would have read this early would come pick you guys up for lunch! I’m only a few miles from Miami Int’l Airport.

  6. A quote from a senior airline captain who was delayed like the rest of us that day.
    “If you have time to spare, go by air!”



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