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Many of our friends have not been following this Blog (yet) and of course aren’t aware that we do not yet have a boat.

So, let’s go shopping. Here is a typical day’s (today’s to be specific) search on

  • 722 new boats
  • 214 of them are sailboats (1 new, 213 used)
  • 13 are catamarans.
  • 1 of the Cats is in our price range, is located in the USA and looks pretty nice!
  • 32 of the boats are between the price of 50-100k
  • 7 of them are located in the USA
  • 5 of them are located on the east coast

This is what both Rebecca and I do every day. 🙂

Too bad we aren’t yet in a position to actually buy one.

Today we saw a message on Facebook that our friend Ken, who completed the Fast Track to Cruising course with us, purchased a new boat: a Catalina 30. Way to go Ken! We are very happy for you.

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  1. hello mike and rebecca,

    i love what you are doing—go for it—-

    sailing yachts and my experience—-many sail and then try and sell their boat in another country (they have had enough)
    i have seen at least 8 large sale boats here in philippines for sale at a fraction of their worth—- i also hear hong kong and singapore same story—–

    show up here in port bart on you can use my beach house (cora and i stay in the jungle)

    google port barton palawan

    also if interested in playing escrima i will take you to aremote tribe where the art has been handed down for the past 25,000 yrs—–

    good luck guys and with good investment you need not work for a long long time unless you choose to

    i made many mistakes and you can learn from that if you choose

    i have two friends who retired here when they were in their early 30’s and still going strong enjoying the sunshine and adventure without working

    regards harold

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