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Have you been to see ZTC? Have you been to see ZTC? Rebecca and I hadn’t been in Grenada for 24 hours and people were asking if we had been to the boat yard. Well, we can now finally say, yes, we made a quick drive-by visit to say hello to our baby, ZTC. I am very happy to report that on first inspection she looks good and for that we are thankful. We are thankful to Grenada Marine but also to some of our friends for checking up on her in our absence.

Earlier in the year we put out a call to the Grenada cruisers to ask if anyone would be willing to make a trip to the yard to give our boat a once over and make sure that the wet cell batteries were topped up. Our friends Deana and Troy from Storyville were quick to respond. They gave us a detailed report, sending us pics and letting us know everything that they did to make sure she was OK. Awesome!

Just recently we put out another request and this time it was our friends Chris and Chrystal from LTD Sailing who responded. As it turns out, they actually made three separate trips to the boat to look after the batteries and give ZTC some TLC. Isn’t that cool of them? We sure think so!

Chris and Chrystal are a couple that some of our ZTC readers should know, especially those looking to follow in our footsteps (wake). They run a great sailing school here in the Grenadines and offer ASA certification through their courses. In fact, one of our “famous” travel friends, Patrick, just wrote about his recent experience sailing with them. Was is a positive experience? You bet!

If this kind of a sailing “vacation” appeals to you, check out this special that Chris and Chrystal are running: $150.00 off their already low off-season rates for a December 7-13 OR December 14-20 course. Learning to sail in the Grenadines in December… what a great early Christmas present! Coincidentally, Rebecca and I took our first sailing lessons over the Christmas holidays.

And of course Chris and Chrystal are hashers too.
This shot was taken just this past Saturday after a very vigorous trail run.


  1. Thanks for the shout out, Mike! Hashing through the jungle, jumping off waterfalls and I could still manage a smile! LTD Sailing – “Living the Dream!” early booking discount ends SOON – 28 August. The Grenadines has some of the best sailing in the world!

  2. Ron and Kathleen on Lady Amelie - Reply

    Hi guys, ZTC was beside us in Grenada marine up to December 2013.
    Cannot send u a picture as I cannot find it at the moment.
    She was covered in white polish. We are from Toronto and living now on our switch 51 catamaran and very happy. Presently waiting for an autopilot then north to the Chesapeake for the winter. Been following you guys, glad everything is well and you are happy with the boating life. All the best. Ron

  3. Glad to see ZTC is still doing great, you guys did your research well when you picked her! My only hope is that she won’t seem too small after being on One Love. It’s really hard once you get used to that kind of room. Enjoy Grenada, can’t wait to be there, only 3 3/4 years left.

  4. Mike,

    I’m curious with you being away from ZTC for some time, did the gel coat on the top surfaces seem to be more faded than you had expected, or is does she enjoy some cover?

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