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We have really been making an attempt this season to visit a bunch of new anchorages, as opposed to just going to the same old (comfortable) places. Yesterday we had the opportunity to take our good friend Karl out for a sail and made our way into Preston’s Cove, probably the closest bay to our marina. I’m not sure why we have always bypassed this place. It was great.

Speaking of anchorages, we were scanning some of our digital charts and found Liberty Island (NYC). As I understand it, you can anchor right by there, which might be very cool on our trip down south! Any readers have some first hand experience with this?


  1. No first hand experience yet but plan on being there on or about July 15th.

  2. Can I take Karl’s place? I’m not familiar with Liberty Island, but we’ve been to New York City and absolutely loved it! That picture of the sailboat in front of the Statue of Liberty is great! It would be cool to anchor around there.

  3. With all the traffic in the area, the anchoring around Liberty Island can be a bit lumpy. We spent a night in the little cove just to the west of the island. It’s a bit of a tight fit for us, but there’s probably room for 4 – 5 boats.

    Of course, the “ideal” spot is @ the 79th Street Boat Basin because you are within easy walking distance to the subway and Central Park. I say “ideal” because you have to pick up a mooring ball that sits in the Hudson River and there is a pretty good current that rips through there, so even though you’re “secure” on a mooring ball, it always feels like you’re underway @ 3 – 5 knots. We also had a friend who dragged the whole mooring (huge concrete block) over to the NJ side of the Hudson during a squall, so…

    Also the 79th St. Boat Basin is “first come, first served” (i.e., no reservations), so they might be full when you show up.

    Fair Winds,

  4. The little cove just to the west of the island is pretty nice. There are buoys marking the way in on the south side of the island where the ferries tie up. The anchorage holds well and you don’t get beat up by all the wakes in NY harbor. There is a small, private ferry that brings the wealthy folk over to a private golf club from Manhattan so you will get a small wake every once and a while from that.

    We have a small trawler, so we don’t have to worry about draft, but we have seen large sail boats anchored there also. There is a ramp with a small dock that you can dingy over to and there is a nice little diner/restaurant right across the street that we like to eat breakfast at.

    It is right on Liberty State Park so you can have a nice walk/run through the park also. You will definitely enjoy it if you stay.

  5. Oh, and I wouldn’t anchor where it says anchorage on the chart in your picture above. That is right where the ferries, working, and tourist boats are constantly passing through. The cove on the west is the place to be. You can actually see the beginning of the channel in your chart picture (the red and green markers on the south of the island).

    Be prepared to be bounced around if you stay at 79th Street Boat Basin. It is pretty bad in the daytime and calms down at night. The surrounding neighborhood is pretty nice though. Tons of shopping and restaurants.

    You could also stay at the North Cove Marina, although it is expensive. It is right near the World Trade Center and Wall St. It is a beautiful location though, and protected. You need to make reservations in advance. Dennis Conner is one of the owners.

  6. We actually keep our sailboat in a slip at Liberty Harbor, which is just off the Morris Canal (slightly north of Liberty Island and the cove that others are referring to). There is also Liberty Landing marina in the same area, which is nicer than Liberty Harbor (and costs more, I’m sure). I’m fairly certain both marinas offer transient slips if the anchoring doesn’t work out. Have a great trip – there is nothing like sailing by Lady Liberty in your own yacht!

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