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Although the second of two installation jobs I tackled yesterday was really influencing the boat’s electrical system, because it involved water and hoses, I consider it plumbing. Job one was the installation of a filter in the raw water intake for our head. Because of the large amount of weeds in the water our head was getting clogged. Let’s hope this fixes that.

Why is Rebecca taking pics instead of helping me?

The second job was installing the new Flow-rite water system on Katana’s batteries (I did say that it was really electrical). We have eight 6-volt golf-cart batteries on our boat and on a weekly basis we have been checking their fluid levels, and topping them up with distilled water if necessary. Not a huge deal except that 4 of them are installed in an area with very little room above them. I read on another blog about a product called Flow-rite which simplifies the process. I initially contacted the manufacturer but found they don’t sell to end users. More googling gave me the name of one of their distributors, Jan Watercraft Products, and an order was placed.

Their literature describes the install as a 10-minute procedure. They are pretty much right. I had all 8 batteries online within minutes, and topped up with water even quicker. Although this is definitely a convenience product (you could do without) I think that it makes the fluid checking safer, and because it is so easy to do, I am sure we’ll be able to keep the batteries topped up to their optimum level, hopefully prolonging their life.


and after!

There she is with that camera again!