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We are now at the point where all of the stuff that we removed from the boat last fall needs to be placed back on board, or at least, a selected portion of it does. Some of our stuff will be going elsewhere though, into a borrowed storage closet until we can find a (better) place for it.

  • Our boat is light and fast.
  • Our boat is light and fast.
  • Our boat is light and fast.

… that’s our new mantra. 🙂

Our boat is light and fast.

Several loads of gear have already made their way to the boat. Unfortunately, our apartment is geographically about as far away from our marina as is possible making this a time consuming process.

Tonight Rebecca and I will be writing our final Seamanship exam. We completed a large take-home exam which involved a lot of calculations and chart plotting last weekend. Both last night and this morning we will be filling out the deck logs portion of the test. Tonight we have the big multiple-choice final. I haven’t had any time to study for this test as my days have been (happily) filled with boat stuff. I’m going to make sure that we both make some time today to do a bit of last-minute cramming!

Oh, just because we are busy, busy, busy, it doesn’t mean that we don’t have some time for fun. I mentioned before about wanting a disco boat. Well, we may not have glow-in-the-dark paint and reflective sail tape like the boats in that post, but we do now have a disco ball on board!

Doesn’t it look great with our LED light from Bebi?

Our two electric heaters are warming the boat up nicely!


  1. Hopefully you’ll soon be somewhere that you can put those heaters away.


  2. Hey – enjoy the throwing out. And in six months you can throw out even more.

    We’re blogging again while we do our boat jobs in Rome – at, and gave you a mention on the subject of keeping fit! Glad you’re back afloat and making progress.

    • Thanks for the advice and the link in your post. I like the pics of mast climbing on your blog. We should have some of those soon too. 🙂

      PS: I added a link to your blog on our research page!

  3. We are a little behind you as we are just in the “get the house ready to sell” mode. I find that it sometimes helps to keep things relative. Here is a post from one of our favorite blogs that puts things into perspective for us:

    Getting everything for a family of 5 into 10 suitcases; now that’s impressive.
    Cheers! And happy splashdown. You’re on tour way. Wish we were.

    • Thanks for the link Kirk, and the well wishes.

      When we listed our house for sale we thought maybe it might take 8-9 months or so. We had an offer right away and were out in less than 3 months. It can certainly go fast. Good luck on your house sale.

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