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In yesterday’s post, where I brought up the subject of flopper stoppers, one of our readers, Darrian, mentioned that he saw an article written by Lin and Larry Pardey where they talked about the roll-dampening devices. As it turns out, while cleaning the boat yesterday, I came across the Pardey’s book Cost Conscious Cruiser and sure enough, it has a section in it devoted to that same subject. I guess I need to reread that book!

Does your personal library have a copy of this book?

In just a few short hours we’ll be welcoming some new guests on board Frost. Unfortunately, because of the Boxing Day holiday, all of the stores were closed yesterday. This means that Rebecca needs to head out first thing this morning to purchase provisions for the week as she couldn’t do it in advance. It sure would be nice if the rain would stop for a few hours to allow us to get that, and our other projects done before our guests arrive!


  1. Mike,

    I’m glad you found the book. I was just about to send you the link and I saw the post.
    I thought that Larry’s design was very cost effective. That’s par for the cost for Larry and Lin…….no pun intended

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