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I put this on our Facebook page last night but felt that, given the number of people that read this blog who are just starting out, I should post it here as well.

With respect to navigation lights, when you are sailing at night, you can use either a masthead tricolor light or your deck level nav lights. When you are motoring, or motor sailing, you must use the deck level lights and your steaming light, not the tricolor. Also, at no point should you ever use your deck level nav lights and your tricolor at the same time.

If you need a refresher on nav lights, check here. Remember, using more lights than what is required is not better!

I snapped this photo last night of a sailboat motoring through the anchorage. The lights actually represent the starboard side of trawling (commercial fishing) vessel.

In other news, we were paid a visit yesterday by a sailor named James who told us that he has been following along on our blog for some time (since 2010). This happens from time to time, and it always makes our day to meet one of our readers in person. An interesting point about James is that he and his wife sailed here from South Africa in a THIRTY FOOT catamaran! If anyone was wondering if a solid little cat like our PDQ 32 could cross oceans, there is your answer. Thanks for coming by, James, it was a pleasure to meet you!


  1. One of my “pet peeves”, as well. Thanks for bringing it to “light”.

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