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The above image can be found in multiple places on the net so apparently there are at least a few people who feel the same way. 🙂

Rebecca shared with me yesterday that she is, one again, getting excited about our plans! It is often difficult to get too worked up about something that seems so far away. In just over 2 weeks though 2010 will be here. A few months later our boat will be back in the water and a few months after that we will be on our way!

I noticed the other day that I am down to only 3 pairs of long pants. One of my goals is to significantly reduce that number. Hopefully once in the tropics wearing long pants will not need to occur anywhere near as regularly as it does here in frozen Canada.

Although we have multiple guidebooks which describe many of the details of the various anchorages that we will visit, the books caution the reader to navigate by eye into the shallow waters. This apparently means having someone placed either on the bow (front) of the boat or even better, at a higher vantage point, to give directions to the helmsman. Often recommended is for this watchman to wear polarized sunglasses. Of course I have heard the term polarized before but I really had no idea what it meant, or whether or not the glasses that we currently have are, in fact, polarized. Google to the rescue of course. The answers are all there if we take the time to search for them.

Polarized sunglasses reduce reflected glare from the water surrounding them.

Yesterday Rebecca and I spent close to 6 hours driving, and thus we had lots of time to talk. As she has been 100% on the job with selling our misc. stuff (yes, we still have stuff remaining) I inquired as to what we had left to get rid of. One of the categories of items that we still have on hand is artwork. There is definitely NO room on our small boat to hang large paintings and prints, and I’m pretty sure that they wouldn’t do so well in the moisture-rich environment of a sailboat anyway. In the house that we owned so many months ago we had on display a number of older Japanese woodblock prints. Even though a couple of them depict a Samurai with a Katana, which would be very cool to keep given our boat’s name, we’ll need to find them a new owner.

Note that the above image is not one of the prints that we have. It is just an image I found on the net. If you live in our area and are interested in seeing, and perhaps purchasing, the prints give us a call. 🙂

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