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Believe me, my young friend, there is nothing – absolutely nothing – half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats.” ― Kenneth Grahame, The Wind in the Willows

Today was a good example of the above quote. Just before 9:00 am this morning, Rebecca and I left ZTC at anchor in Road Harbor to meet up with our friend’s surveyor, Geoff and his boat broker, Wiley. Both are super cool guys and were on hand to assist with our friend Michael’s purchase of his first boat, a Leopard 4600. Unfortunately, Michael couldn’t attend the survey so we were there to be his eyes and ears. Although Rebecca, Wiley and I had little to do but watch Geoff do his thing, it was still a great day. We were extremely impressed with how thorough Geoff’s survey was. He is obviously very knowledgable about that particular model of boat and for that matter, so is Wiley who used to run a Moorings charter base. Michael won’t have the official survey report in his hand for a day or so but we didn’t see any deal-breaking issues. That’s great news and we are very happy for him.

On the dock at the Moorings base in Roadtown.

Geoff checking all the ports and hatches for leaks.

Checking the rig, at times, with a magnifying glass.

Richard, the seller’s agent and Wiley putting up the main sail.

A bit of wind would have been nice for the sea trial. We had none!


  1. I actually know Geoff. He did the survey on a Lagoon 41 we almost bought. Yes he is real nice and super knowledgeable. He is buddies with Mike and Sydney at Barecat Charters over in Sea Cow Bay. Mike and Sydney started out on a Capella..

  2. If only I could win that lottery….

  3. Mike:

    Any idea the manufacturer of the harness that was used to climb the mast?


  4. What would it cost to have a survey done like that? Do you also do an out of water survey when you buy a boat?

    • What does it cost? More than a hundred and less than a thousand. I don’t recall what we paid when we had our boat surveyed. As for the out of the water survey, yes, that would be prudent. Michael had one done on the 4600.

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