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Indulging in a bit of pre-Christmas celebration, we spent last night on our boat with two good friends, sharing stories, and perhaps one too many intoxicating beverages. I’ll omit their names to protect the guilty, but I will say that we had a Brilliant time! 🙂

Later today we’ll be heading to the beach to join some other cruisers in a potluck barbecue. I expect that will be enjoyable too.


In the Dr. Suess book that I highlighted at the top of this post, even the Grinch ultimately figured it out: Christmas doesn’t come from a store. While it’s certainly easier for us to resist the shopping frenzy that affects many people at this time of year, it’s a good reminder for us all, that the holidays are about people and not things.

While we’d like nothing more than to be spending the next few days with our family, we’ll have to compromise with a virtual visit, perhaps by Skype or FaceTime. We hope that each one of you reading this have at least the opportunity to do the same, or even better, to get face to face with the ones you love.



  1. Ho,Ho, to you guys in paradise…have a great new year!!!

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