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While we’ve had to contend with some of the least desirable weather that I can recall (each day of the past week has been pretty squally), we’ve still been having a fun time. After leaving the madness in Carriacou, we spent a quiet night anchored off Petite Martinique, the smallest of Grenada’s three-island chain. We had a good time there too, getting in a bit of exercise by hiking all around (circumnavigating) the island. This was not only a first for our guests, but for Rebecca and me too!

Last night we anchored off Ilse de Ronde, the island just east of the recently-active underwater volcano Kick ‘Em Jenny. Fortunately for us all, there was no kicking going on while we were there.

This morning we ignored the squalls surrounding us at Ilse de Ronde and set sail for Grenada. And for this we were rewarded with one of the best sails of the trip. We still didn’t land a fish, but that was not for lack of trying!


  1. What is the anchor holding like at Ilse de Ronde? What depth did you anchor in and what was the bottom composition?

    • Careful Dave talking about anchors, he’s got a beauty of an anchor, stainless steel Delta type that he’s not liking and he’ll be happy to tell you how it’s a plow type and worthless…. (j/k Mike) ….just maybe he’s had better luck with it since he left St Georges and will find a place to stow it for when he really might need it.

    • The holding is not great everywhere in that anchorage. After three attempts, the first two in broken coral or shallow sand, we found ourselves a nice patch of sand that the anchor liked. It’s a pretty spot but it can get rolly when the wind goes north.

  2. I LOVE the first picture! The ketch sitting at anchor in the backdrop. It is such a classic look. Never ceases to put a smile on my face when I see my boat from shore

  3. Have you learned all the new systems on the new boat?

    Do you have a time frame planed as to when you head to Patagonia?

    Play safe kids..

  4. I’m really looking forward the “chronicles” of the real sailing adventures. I’m slowly working on my wife to look at sailing as a realistic early retirement plan that is both affordable, enjoyable, and rewarding. I couldn’t help but notice Rebecca’s Soggy Dollar Tervis cup. White Bay is one of our favorite day trips from St John, though it’s always crowded!

    Looking forward to all the new stories with the new boat.


  5. $5k and you didn’t even sail a hundred miles…………that is outrageous 🙂

    • Richard, or should I from now on just call you Dick, with your comments first on Facebook and now here, you seem to have a real hard-on for us. I have no need to defend ourselves but you obviously crave the attention. The strangers that we welcomed onto our boat 7 days ago left today as friends. They did not appear to feel taken advantage of in any way. Perhaps you feel that you could do a better job? If so, get on with it, and let us know how it goes. Perhaps then I will follow your exploits instead of the opposite that is occurring now.

      • Name calling, very mature……..good to hear that your guests enjoyed the experience but my point is for the same money they would have three ASA sailing certificates under their belts now if they had signed up with LTD Sailing for example, so I think your charges are high for what you are offering. We don’t need paying guests on board to finance our cruising so we won’t be following your lead. Look forward to seeing you in Panama next year.

    • Richard you must know by now what Mike Sweeney asks for Mike Sweeney gets! It’s all about just asking.
      So only 8-9 more trips around the block and 1/2 the boat is paid for. We should all take notice, we are doing things wrong.

  6. I just found your blog, and the picture of the lady (you?) reading “An Embarrassment of Mangoes” caught my eye. What a perfect read for sailing in Grenada. I’ve read it a couple times, and it has inspired my dream of living on a sailboat in the Caribbean . . . maybe someday I’ll get there! Anyway, I look forward to reading more of your blog.

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