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Sometimes when I go a couple of days without posting on this blog, it’s because we’re extremely busy with an important project, or that we’re traveling offshore and are unable to get internet access. There are other times though, like the past couple of days, where we haven’t done much at all. Since Saturday we’ve just been having fun, chilling, and enjoying ourselves, and my lack of posts is clearly only due to my not wanting to take time away from that. You can hardly blame me though, can you?

Taking advantage of the very short amount of time that we had to socialize with our friend Kirk, we spent much of the past three days simply enjoying ourselves. We’ve been hashing, liming at Roger’s Beach Bar, swapping stories, and playing games on our boat. Kirk left at oh-dark-30 this AM though, so we’re pretty much just back to the two of us.

Where should we stage our boat for carnival?

Carnival is fast approaching in Grenada so the talk amongst our cruising friends is what everyone will be doing during that week, and where we’ll have our boats. As past years have taught us, Port Louis Marina is ground zero for carnival events, so because of that, several months ago we made reservations to stay there during that week. Would we recommend that strategy for everyone? For those who like to participate in the action, especially J’ouvert, which takes place in the early morning, and Monday Night Mas, which can go pretty late, yes, we would. BUT, and this is a very big but, you should only follow our lead if you’re cool with a week of non-stop soca music being blasted over large speakers. If you are a light sleeper, you may find that keeping your boat somewhat away from St. Georges would better suit you.

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