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Shortly after arriving to Georgetown, Rebecca and I hiked to the top of the monument. While up there, we noticed that several people had spelled out either their names or boat names on the flats below. What a perfect bit of exercise… hike up a steep hill, pick out a spot, hike back down, move a bunch of rocks in the hot sun and finally, hike back up again to survey our result. ZTC has now made its mark!

Yesterday afternoon, following the rock-moving exercise, Rebecca took note of the Lagoon that anchored right in front of us named Guiding Light. Remembering this name as friends of our buddies on Knot Tide Down, we had to go over and introduce ourselves. It was great to meet you, Shane! Hopefully we can hang out a bit before we leave GT.

Right after that exchange, it was brought to our attention that another PDQ 32 had anchored right beside us. As these boats are relatively rare, we just had to go and say hi to them as well. It was funny too because Greg and Maggie on s/v Brio said they were quite familiar with us through our blog. I guess we’re not only making a mark with rocks on the ground but also on the web too. 🙂 We’re looking forward to spending some time with these guys, touring each others’ boats to compare notes.

By the way, there are about 350 boats anchored here in Georgetown and as the cruising regatta approaches, it is likely to increase still a bit more. Of course, once the regatta is over, there will likely be a huge exodus. Will we escape GT before regatta or not? That is a question of the day.

Unrelated to the above, here are some pics of the wedding that I was involved with while Rebecca was back in Canada…


  1. Hey guys! Love your blog…I found you from your interview with a cruiser (Newly Salted), been reading Interviewing with a cruising since the beginning. I finally read through your blog from the beginning and caught up to where you are currently. Great read and adventure. My husband and I are in the planning stages of cruising and have a few more years before we cast off. Still have to buy to “big” boat (looking!) and get the youngest kid through high school and then we are off. Until then, I am living vicariously through your blog and loving every minute. I think we will end up taking a similar path, so I am following with interest. Just wanted to say hello! Oh, and just in case you are missing Canada (we are from Minnesota), as I write this we have just received 18 inches of snow and still snowing!

  2. I’m glad you two are still getting your quota of exercise! And, in the spirit of the above post, we have had an ice storm and now it’s snowing here, too. Again. I notice that you are a lot darker than when you started out up north!

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