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I recently posed the question, “Could Zacatecas be the most beautiful city in Mexico?” It may very well be but after spending a few days in the old section of Guanajuato, I have to say that it’s definitely got some competition!

We got our first taste of the amazing maze-like streets of Guanajuato after we checked into a small hotel and then went out in search of food without taking note of the name of the place where we had left our bikes. After making just a few turns in the narrow alleys, we both realized that it would be all too easy to get lost here. Quite the challenge!

Since that first rocky start, we’ve spent a few days exploring the neighborhoods surrounding our hostel and now feel a tiny bit more comfortable navigating here. That said, I know we could spend months exploring the city and even then, still only have scratched the surface.

Tomorrow morning we’ll be off to San Miguel de Allende, another town which is reported to be extremely scenic. It’ll be the first stop on our way towards Mexico City, a week or more away from Guanajuato.

Just as much of the Caribbean is working hard to recover from the multiple strong hurricanes that have affected the area, Mexico City is still reeling from the recent strong earthquake that rocked the region. We’re not sure what we’ll find there when we arrive given the challenges that are obviously ongoing but feel compelled to visit considering the city’s significance and the fact that we’re so close.


  1. I’ve always thought it was a shame that Americans are terrified of color. Cars are white or black or possibly grey or some muted tone. Houses are white, brick, or dirt colored. For men, a good suit is one no one can remember. As a nation, we define our importance by our possessions… and then make certain they are dull. So funny.

    Of course, my car is white (it was the prior model year and that is what they had on the lot), my house is brick, and my boat is white (any other color is too hot). I’m American.

  2. I absolutely love the city of Guanajuato! I have been fortunate enough to have been able to visit a few times now and am always wanting to go back. Everywhere you look there is beauty and casual elegance. I am so glad that you guys got to enjoy the city. I would move there, and that is saying something for me, as there isn’t any large body of water nearby.

    Stay safe in Mexico City, it’s scary the earthquakes they have been having. By the way, I assume that Guanajuato was far enough away to have not been effected?

  3. Hey guys,
    you don’t mention the earthquakes!! Guess you weren’t affected at all? I was over in the Yucatan and felt them, so just wondering? ps, love all your adventures 🙂 best bed-time stories ever!!

    • Hi Steph

      Fortunately for us, we were far enough north that we didn’t feel the earthquakes, let alone be affected by them. We’re on our way to Mexico City now though so no doubt will see some of the incredible damage that was done there. 🙁

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