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Yes, kids, we made it. Rebecca and I are officially living on a boat. In spite of the last 10 months of purging stuff we are still having to tweak what we do and do not have room for on Katana. All this week we have been bringing boxes of stuff to the boat, only to turn around and bring half as many boxes of stuff back off the boat. David and Jackie were kind enough to leave us a lot of things that we will need. The galley was pretty well stocked (with everything but alcohol – we got rid of all of that on the delivery trip) and there is a ton of spare parts and cleaning equipment. Speaking of cleaning I made my first attempt at washing the outside (deck, etc.) of the boat. I did a pretty lame job I think. This is going to take some patience, practice and perhaps some teamwork. Even though our boat has only been in the marina a few days someone must have sent out invitations to the birds to let them know that we are open for (crapping) business. Yesterday we broke out the cool, shiny “pom poms” that David and Jackie left us. Attached to the boat’s lifelines they apparently scare the birds away. This morning’s bird-crap inspection makes me thing that they do actually work. They also make Katana look a little bit like a disco party boat, which is not altogether bad 🙂


  1. My third or fourth visit to your blog and I have spent the last few days catching up on your journey. I am impressed at your (both of you) motivation to leave dry land and set sail to warmer shores. I am jealous. Congrats on making it to the boat. Keep it up, and be safe.

    P.S – FYI, Thanks to you I have taken some much needed reading off my bookshelf “The Cruising Life” by Jim Trefethen and must admit………….. I am thinking (again).


  2. Talk about doing it right – Sterling Hayden, Bruce Van Sant, the Pardeys, PDQ, research, courses, licenses, networking, and the list goes on! You two have started us dreaming and scheming again and I love it.
    PS: Sorry to scare you about the 4 gases but did anyone win?

  3. To think that we, total newbies, are inspiring people who have “been there and done that” is awesome.

    We just spent some time with our marina neighbours enjoying a couple of glasses of wine. They will be leaving for their Caribbean journey in a week or so. We can’t wait for our turn!!!

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