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How are things going on the boat shopping front? Although not yet in writing, I am pleased to say that we had an offer accepted on a 1991 Amel Santorin. It has been a struggle, and in many ways a lot like pulling teeth to get things organized on a suitable schedule.

Our most recent challenge has been organizing a pre-purchase survey. You wouldn’t think that this would be all that difficult but it seems as if every surveyor on the island of Martinique, where the prospective boat is located, is leaving to go on holidays on July 1st! Additionally, many of the surveyors that I know off island are too busy to travel, and several others that we have contacted haven’t even bothered to reply! As the seller doesn’t arrive on island until the 26th, and has some work to complete on the boat before the survey, the earliest that we can survey it is the 3rd. Fortunately, I “think” that we’ve found someone who is available. My plan is to give him a call to discuss it a bit later today. Fingers are crossed that they will all come together!


  1. With your knowledge + experience I bet a survey that you did yourselves would be the effective equivalent of what you’ll get from a professional.

  2. I skipped a survey on my boat and I missed some fairly big deals that might have got $ reduction, maybe not. I knew I’d be going through most all the systems anyway so the key factor to me was a recent re-powering. I’ll never miss a leaking fuel tank again. Maybe I got lucky, maybe I know just enough to not get completely screwed, but I feel I played it OK by dong it myself. Hull moisture and electrolysis problems would be my big concerns. If you get stuck, I’d be willing to share my 2 cents if needed.

  3. I wonder how difficult it would be to get any post survey/purchase work performed in Martinique during holiday, as well. 😉

  4. Is her name Serenade? If so– She looks like she’s ready to go around the World!!

  5. Wow! I can’t believe your going to pull this off! Send me money I need a new boat,I promise to take you out for a week. Shame on you! Sad to say you Canaidian

  6. HI, i have great respect for the Amel, sitting between 3 of them right now, all successful ocean cruisers and see them everywhere out here.. as to a survey, even if you are not required by insurance of lender, do not skip it! i was in the boat business for 25 years and, as with you, can probably do one myself. But you want the boat to be good, you are emotionally involved so biased. Get a survey and a good one, be there as well to learn. Also get a mechanical survey, sailors so often underestimate the importance of mechanical maintenance. Hope all goes well

  7. Wow! only one hull but two sticks….. can you handle it?
    We are pulling for you guys.

  8. Well done! The boat specs look really good and 46ft should give you all the stability you will need further south.

    Best of luck with the survey, don’t forget the mechanical side.



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