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In my daily perusal of the various sailing and cruising forums I came upon a post by a couple who are just about to participate in Offshore Sailing School’s Fast Track to Cruising course. This is the same course that we took last Christmas. It is what really got Rebecca and I going on our dreams to cruise so I jokingly warned the couple that the course could be a life-changing experience!

Yesterday, while Rebecca and I were hard at work at the gym (we are no longer self employed so I have to be careful in case our new bosses are reading this 🙂 ) we took a short break to test out our new rope climbing gear. This is the same stuff that we used a couple of weeks ago with our friend Cary. Here is how it turned out…

Well, that is one way we could get up the mast if we need to!

The Kenwood SSB radio that I mentioned in yesterday’s post is now ours. I sent the money off to Bill Trayfors and he is going to hold the radio until we get to his area next summer, when he will then help us install it. Bill’s home marina is the Capital Yacht Club, which he tells us is walking distance from the Smithsonian museums. Given that Rebecca and I just watched Ben Stiller’s movie “Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian,” we of course know what to expect when we get there! 🙂


  1. That looks weird with only one foot loop. Does your leg get tired? I guess that’s a silly question to people in as good shape as you and Rebecca! Seems an easy way to go up and down, how about safety? Do you both feel safe while going up and down?

    • It is amazingly NOT tiring, and feels very secure. We are still seriously considering installing mast stairs before we re-step the mast. We also have a bosun’s chair and could be winched up in either that or the climbing harness. It’s nice to have multiple options.

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