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It’s now been just over one month since we have had our electric windlass onboard and operational. We first installed the control switch which came with the unit at our helm station. This works OK but what really rocks is the handheld wireless remote control that we installed a week or two later. The control unit, produced by Quick Italy, allows whoever is deploying or raising the anchor to be right at the bow and looking into the water, but also to be at a safe distance away from the windlass itself when it is running. We love it!

Which looks better? This…

Pulling up “Rocky” last season.

or this…

Rebecca with our new hand-held wireless remote.


  1. Hmmm, second one looks better for sure but I think she lost the anchor!! Kidding… a much safer method for sure. Just remember….

    (down button, down anchor…. up button, up anchor…!)

  2. No more anchor TRX – in this way lies decadence!


  3. Nice! I keep trying to convince my husband that we’ll need an electric windlass. I think he’ll agree after a few times of pulling up the anchor on his own. Our backs need the help!

    • We really resisted the idea of an electric windlass, preferring the simplicity (operation and installation) of a manual one. Now after having had the electric one for a while we are both VERY happy that we got it. It works great!

  4. Lifting the anchor manually is fun sometimes, but an electric windlass gives that peace of mind that when you don’t have a good set you can easily try again. Kudos! Also, if you need to haul up anchor in the middle of the night because someone is dragging theirs! Your mental health must be improving 🙂

  5. Like a manual windless myself. It is more bothersome most of the time then an electric but always the same no matter what the circumstances of shipboard failures.

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