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Yesterday, after saying goodbye to our friends Casper and Tanya, we had a big construction day on ZTC. Our refrigeration tech Cesar returned and completed the repair of our unit and I can now happily report that it is cold!

While he was busy doing that, I created my own mess, installing the new 12 volt stereo that we purchased at Sam’s Club. Music makes Rebecca happy and when Rebecca’s happy, I’m happy. 🙂

Today we’re heading east again, towards Coffin Island, or perhaps a bit further to Salinas. We’ll see when we get out there.

Bye guys. We’ll see you again down island some day.

We like this unit because it will play music directly from a USB thumb drive.


  1. I got a very similar model for Christmas off the wife! Its a great model, mine is the MEX-BT3800U model that has blue lights and has bluetooth connectivity!

    Cant wait to buy a boat to put it in, for now it has pride of place in my car!

  2. Music is a must … it does have a way of making us happy too. It goes along perfectly with your cold beer!

  3. Glad your “unit” is now functioning properly.

  4. I’m with Rebecca, music is a requirement for happy cruising!

  5. I”m with Rebacca. Music is necessary to sustain life! I don’t know how you have survived this long without it! 🙂

    • We haven’t gone without music. We just haven’t had a stereo built into the boat. Instead we have been using (and still do at times) a portable ipod player.

  6. Wish I’d caught you in time to tell you to visit the rum maker (can’t remember the name) in Ponce. Our daughter-in-law is from Puerto Rico and we visit there from time to time. Great place……especially the western and southern shores. If you get a chance check out the Rincon Beach area.

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