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Yesterday, Rebecca and I completed a thorough first aid course taught by Alex from Bluewater Sailing. To be honest, the RYA course was largely a review for us because we have had similar instruction on multiple occasions before but that being said, it was still extremely valuable for us and we’re very glad to have completed it. Alex was kind enough to do the course for us on Sunday, his day off, picking us up at the marina and driving us to his beautiful house high up on the hills overlooking Grand Mal. The location couldn’t have been better!

Today the on-the-water Yachtmaster training begins with the big exam slated for Friday to Sunday. The pressure is on!

Can you think of a more scenic location to have the course? We can’t.

Is that comfortable?

First Rebecca had a bit of a G&P flashback…

Then she had to revive the dummy.

Oh yeah, today is the official Talk Like A Pirate day. Arrrr!


  1. When I first saw the thumbnail picture of Rebecca with her fist cocked, I thought she was taking my advice and beating the shit out of Mike.

  2. I would have come down to be the dummy…..Great course you are taking whether you have taken it in the past before…..Great to get a re-fresher.

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