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It’s just after 5:00 AM and I am up early to get ready for the first day of our 3-day job interview (charter boat show). Wish us luck, please!

Let the fun begin!




  2. Good luck guys! Remember to relax, be yourselves and smile, smile, smile!

  3. Just meeting people/brokers, their gonna love you guys! No worry’s mate. The good luck I wish is you keeping sane after the second full day!

  4. Good Luck One Love!

  5. Have fun! That’s what chartering is all about — showing guests a good time. And you guys are TOPS at that!

  6. Wow! That video is sooo not funny!

    Regardless, good luck with your interview marathon! I know you will stay positive throughout, even when you realize that you have been asked the same silly question for the thousandth time.

  7. As the video shows, some job interviews are tougher than others! You should do just fine.

  8. Best of luck guys…not that you’ll need it. I’m sure you will do great.


  9. We know you will do fine. Relax!

    D & Don

  10. Good luck! I hope you get a bunch of bites.

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