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Q: Which clothes do we purge from our wardrobe?

A: The ones that take forever to dry in the Laundromat dryer! We are keeping track.


  1. All…All you need is flip flops (1 pair), shorts (2 pairs), bathing suit (2 pairs) and tee shirts (3)…..

  2. Have you tried those speed-dry towels that you can buy at REI? It seems like it takes longer for you to dry after a shower, but the towels sure dry quicker.

    • Not specifically those but we do have 2 smaller similar ones that we kept from our kayaking gear. I didn’t know they came large like that:

      • We have the REI towels in almost every size and because we bought them over time they are accidentally color coded (blue for kitchen, green in bathroom, and we each have a big one in a different color). Love them.

        Once towels get funky once on a boat we’ve noticed that even after a wash they get funky faster than before. We found that a good bake in the sun kills that cycle.

        Day 2 of 2 week haul out – completed 🙂

  3. Brilliant!

    When Jessica and I did our 500 mile trips on the Stiletto, we drew the line at clothes you could wash in the sink and dry in the rigging… but you have to be mental to cruise on a Stiletto, or at least it helps a lot.

    If you want to keep the spray off drying laundry when underway, put it on the diamond wires, not the lifelines.

    BTW, though everyone has experimented with washing in saltwater, I wouldn’t do it. It is easier to wash in less fresh water with less soap than to rinse the salt out, in my opinion.

    Even with the PDQ, in the summer we still mostly bath by swimming, generally just before sunset. To this end, we keep soap and a small bottle of shampoo in the transom shower hatch. Getting all the extra dampness in the boat from the shower seems foolish.

  4. Don’t be completely utilitarian! And besides, eventually, hard though it is to believe today, you’ll have free sunshine to dry stuff with and all day to do it in!

    • Free sunshine. What a concept! We can’t wait.

      I do agree about not being completely utilitarian. We will be sure to keep some “fun” stuff too. 😉

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