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Whereas yesterday’s sail was at times invigorating, today, as we made our way back to Grenada, we were content to ghost along at 3-4 knots with only our headsail deployed. My justification for not raising the main sail was that I was curious to see how the Leopard would perform with only her Genoa. I am happy to report that she did just fine. Although we weren’t breaking any speed records, I’m quite sure that no one would have been in the light conditions that we experienced.

As we have come to expect when sailing south on the leeward side of Grenada, the wind gradually moved aft of the beam as we rounded the top of the island and then ultimately died altogether. Regrettably this required us to furl in our headsail and turn the propulsion over to the “Iron Gennys.”

I’m curious as to what the charter company will think when we return the boat because I’m pretty sure that, when compared to most charterers, we have used next to no fuel. Not only have we sailed almost everywhere we have gone, we have also resisted using the generator, relying upon it only to top up the batteries as opposed to running the AC all night. Yes, I admit that we did briefly test out the AC, but I promise that it was as an experiment only. Real cruisers don’t need AC, do they? 😉


  1. It looks like a great few days! Your pictures are fabulous, as usual.

  2. Good food, cold beer, and my favorite hot sauce…add in the sun, beautiful clear water, warm breezes, and living on the boat…I can’t wait.

  3. ZTC continues to inspire! Love the photos. I think I noticed the one possible drawback with a boat that big (at least for me). That rig is enormous!


  4. Sirancha Garlic Chile hot sauce in one of your shots! One of my favourites and one of my hot sauces I take with me to Cuba. Unfortunately their food can be on the bland side. Love that stuff!!

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