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Rebecca and I made it safely to the airport here in Sint Maarten and for the price of a smile and a few nice words, managed to secure exit row seating for our two flights today. 🙂

The Caribbean to Los Angeles? I foresee a bit of culture shock on the horizon! Wish us luck.


  1. Have a great trip you two!

  2. Travel safely Friends.

    Jim and Judy

  3. Good Luck! Have a safe and fun trip.

  4. Have a safe trip. If you guys don’t return, we’ll understand.. Grandchildren have a way of doing those kinds of things 😉

  5. Have a great week. Hope family and granddaughter are all on good form.



  6. Safe travels and make the most of every second with your daughter, can’t wait to see pix of your g-daughter. Enjoy!

  7. We expect a blog post about the proper procedure for changing diapers upon your return 😉

  8. When we travel home, the one thing we hate is not having fresh air 24/7. It always feels good to get back to our boat and breathe!!!

  9. “Nothing goes to weather like a 747.”

  10. Best Wishes Mike and Rebeca! As always making every minute count. and this family reunion will not be any different… By the way… sitting down playing ukulele and guitar does count OK… as well as sitting down and watch a sunset does count also… California does have some beautiful ones by the way… Wishing you guys the best family reunion ever…

    Best wishes,

  11. Just kidding, of course. Maybe try surfing while you are there?

  12. Thanks for the well wishes, all. Our trip to California was… well, um…

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