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We have spent a good chunk of our time the past several months working to get our new boat blue-water ready. As we continue to do so, Rebecca and I are going to take some steps to see if we can get our bodies that much more ready too.

We all know that Rebecca is a workout fiend, and loves to eat healthy (which means that, largely, I eat pretty healthy too). For the month of November, kicking it up a notch, we are going to once again give up consuming any alcohol. Is that a coincidence given that our Canadian friends just left? Perhaps. 🙂

Additionally, we are going to try to eliminate processed sugar from our diet. As it stands, we never add sugar to foods that we prepare, nor are we real dessert fans. Sugar is, however, in its various forms, added to many (most!) prepared foods and condiments. Rebecca has removed all of the items in our pantry that have sugar added to them, and she spent a couple of hours grocery shopping yesterday for substitutes.

I’ve read that giving up sugar cold turkey can be quite challenging. You all may wish to avoid me for the next week or two. And if this blog is filled with crazy posts or rants, you’ll have an idea why.


  1. Mike – because Jessica made me – I’ve been off any sugar at all, that doesn’t come in the form of whole fruit, for almost 7 weeks. Seriously, haven’t missed it or had any real cravings.

  2. You just have to eat more bacon!

  3. Good luck! As you guys know, It’s amazing how much better it feels when you eat clean!
    Betty and I are starting a “whole 30” today as well! All whole / non processed food for 30 days. Cheers!!

  4. I think giving up coffee cold turkey is probably worse. I just lowed my intake by half a cup and had headaches the first week.

  5. We gave up sugar here too. The first few days were the hardest. Pickles help with the cravings (if you have any). Ever since though, haven’t missed it a bit. And now (several months in) I can’t look at food without thinking of sugar and such.

    Some notes: some produce is high in sugar (onions, peas, carrots), and of course fruit.

  6. We too gave up sugar and processed foods over a year ago. It was hard the first month as we re-learned to cook and eat differently. Now we eat less, are more satisfied, and can’t imagine wanting dessert! Good luck, you’ll feel great!

  7. Here’s a cute one Mike – “They say health is the best high, if so, you guys should be turned in for being illegal substances !!” hahahha

  8. In every ship wreck story I have read–the whale ship Essex, upon which Moby Dick was based comes to the front–the more corpulent the sailor at the beginning of the ordeal, the better the chance of survival. And you don’t see a lot of skinny Eskimos.

    Just sayin’!

  9. just wondering …. are you going to try to give up sugar while on passage? seems like that would be much harder …. but, maybe worth it!

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