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Well, we made it to Virgin Gorda. Details later. We have Customs and Immigration and the Saba Rock Happy Hour at the top of our To-Do list.


  1. Max speed 12.3! Must’ve been surfing down a big wave…

  2. Numbers look good! Look forward to the next post.

  3. So you also had a nice sail!
    We had an average of 6,4. A bit rolly though, Anna was a little seasick. Now at a mooring in Caneel Bay, St John. Super duper wifi for free in the bay.
    Are you coming this way, or just the BVI?

  4. Good to see you had a good passage guys.

    About a month ago you gave me some info in your comments about an upcoming charter from St. Lucia to Grenada and back via St. Vincent & the Grenadines. Happy to report we logged 300 nm over 10 days and had a great time.

    Your comments on what to expect with wind and waves was on the money. We had mostly 15-20 knots, but saw gusts to 30 and sailed anywhere from close hauled to broad reaching. The 40 nm from Chatham Bay to St. George’s was the best peaking out at 12 knots broad reaching in over 20 knots in the Lagoon 420.

    Thanks again for the advise.

    • By the way, the lumpiest we had was coming from the north end of St. Vincent towards St. Lucia. Worst was 3 meter waves for about 4 nm once clearing the north end of St. Vincent. Just like the Chris Doyle guide said to expect.

      The ride smoothed out a bit after that and we could pretty much point to the Pitons where we spent the night off of Soufriere on a mooring at the Bat Cave. Snorkeling was great and we enjoyed going into town and looking around and shopping.

    • Awesome. Glad it worked out for you and you had an enjoyable time!

  5. Saba Rock is awesome!!!

  6. And they have a webcam….maybe all of your followers can see you!

  7. I was wondering if you guys travel with other boaters – as in a group? Are you ever concerned with security?

  8. Hi Mike! I see you averaged about 6 knots on your passage. What would your guess be of the single point average wind speed? I see you later mentioned 15 to 20. With gusts over 25, but was wondering about an average wind speed for the passage? Appreciate the stats!

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