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Just a few images to share this morning…

The crowd gathers at Roger’s Beach for the Sunday Bar-B-Cue.

Our little dinghy nestled in amongst some of the local boats.

Bikinis are the proper attire for a beach party!

I bet this guy wishes he had taken one of Bluewater Sailing’s courses.
Perhaps then he wouldn’t be stuck on the reef.*

Pretty flowers everywhere. I love the colors.

This is one of the great shots our friend Carl took when he was visiting. There are still three days left to vote in the contest to help him win the chance to be Tommy Bahama’s first ever Rumologist. Please do him, and us a favor by following this link to vote for Carlton Grooms. It’ll only take a moment and it does help a lot!

And for something completely different, check out our new friends’ boat, Flying Buzzard, a 1951 ex-steam tug. Mike and Julie invited us aboard last night for sundowners. Impressive boat and great company! Thanks guys, we had a blast!

*JUST before this happened another boat appeared as if it were in distress on the reefs so we jumped in the dinghy and zipped out there to see if we could assist. As it turns out, that boat had lost their engine and they were trying to sail between the reefs but the wind was too light. Another dinghy had showed up just before us and was setting up to give them a tow into Mt. Hartman Bay. The boat pictured above went by us as we were out there talking to these others guys. No sooner did we make it back to the beach when these guys ran aground. Fortunately a number of boats went to render assistance and within 20 minutes or so they were off the reef.


  1. We have been voting for Carlton! That is a fabulous shot he took. and I love your picture of the flowers too. Thanks for the mini vacation on this rainy morning!

  2. Great picts as always Mike…….Pictures can say 1000 words……..

  3. That steam tug is completely mental… and I love it! They’ve simply got to be cool people. They’ve certainly got focus. Seriously, I think I could see myself taking on something like that long before I would take on a large wooden project. Few cruisers will pull the old “yes, I used to have one of those but I out grew it” on ya.

    And I will never again complain about the Yamaha engines. OK, not for a little while.

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