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Fernandina Beach: Is this a castle or a church?

Rebecca likes hanging around the “bad boys.”

Outside the “Palace Saloon.”

A night on the town.

Hiking in to the beach at Cumberland Island.

Were they spying on us or just checking out the bikinis on the beach?

Testing the water temp.

Enjoying the beach.

Connor, from s/v Sabbaticus, shows us all how to surf.

We’re now glad we kept these small camping chairs.

The friendship tree. 🙂


  1. Nice pictures……..Thanks for sharing

  2. Love the picture of you and Rebecca up close, and the friendship tree … how cool. Ya’ll even have the little dachsund in there!

  3. Just want to tell you again how much we appreciate your blog and all the information, pictures and your life on the water. I’ve started a notebook based on your info so if we ever head South via boat, we’ll be prepared. Photos are great, especially when we head off to work in the dark of the morning and don’t get to see the sun come up over the water.

    Thanks again, Pete & Suzanne

    • Hi guys

      I am so happy that you find the info here helpful and nothing will make me feel better than to read about you putting it into practice when you take off cruising!

  4. Almost time Mike to jump into the ocean and show your American friends what us Canucks are made of!!

  5. Is that a ukulele in the bag? I play nearly anything with strings and love my uke!
    Have you ever heard Jake Shimabukuro? Check him out…


  6. We love Fernandina Beach, my in-laws live there. Have you made the trip to St. Mary’s in GA. Great little town, nice anchorage, bunch of cruisers often hanging out.

    We also really like making the run to “The Landing” in Jacksonville, right downtown, free dockage overnight (at least it was last time there).

    The run inside is fairly uneventful to St. Augustine … and worth hanging out there for a couple of days. Easy anchorage at the base of the fort or on the other side (south) of the bridge. We love this town, as it is old, a walking city, tons of history, galleries and artists galore and great food.

  7. Re: church or castle–chastle? churtle? Anyway, neat pictures. Feels as though all of us are with you and Rebecca. Thanks.

  8. Look at that blue sky in all of your pictures. I am envious. It’s cold and snowing here. BRRRRR.

    I hate being cold. And I HATE SNOW!!!

    To see you guys in shorts and bikini… sigh. You are living the life!!!

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