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Georgetown, Exuma is the undisputed Mecca of Bahamian cruising. As many of our long-time readers may be aware, we spent 8 weeks in GT on our way south and thoroughly enjoyed our time there, immersing ourselves in the various activities and parties that took place. Although we never had any intention of staying there permanently or even staying put as long as we did, for many others, Georgetown is the end of the line in their southern journey.

As we continued heading south, we found several places that reminded us a lot of Georgetown. When comparing the locations, we noted that each of them have a few things in common:

  • They all offer decent to excellent protection from the weather
  • They all have quite established cruising communities (with some cool people)
  • They all have people that have been there for a LONG time and regardless of intention, seldom ever move their boats

Although I know there are others that we missed, here are a few in particular:

  • Luperon, DR
  • Salinas, PR (and to a lesser degree Boqueron, PR)
  • Grenada

As is no doubt obvious from our posts, we are very much enjoying our stay in Grenada. Although the other places north of here that we listed are excellent stops too, we are truly happy that we continued heading south.

Organized Volleyball. This definitely looks a lot like Georgetown now!

Excellent pics courtesy of Mikalya from s/v Happy Times.


  1. So when you do find a place you like (and have you found one yet you didn’t?), when do you decide it’s time to move on? And why? Is it a sense of adventure and seeing what else is out there? Is it just moving south for hurricane season? Do places get boring for you? I know – that’s a lot of questions for a post comment 🙂

    • Up to this point our travel has been dictated first by weather windows and secondly by our need to get to Grenada by H-season. On a smaller scale though, if we liked a place, we stayed there a few days. If not, we left quickly.

  2. Okay, not that’s just not nice! Volleyball AND cruising? Life is definitely good for somebody!! Does vball take the place of the workouts on the front of the boat?

  3. Mike,

    Why is it always you that complains about the workouts ? LOL

    Bill Kelleher

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