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Last August I wrote a post describing, among other things, the debate we were having about whether to acquire inflatable stand-up paddle boards (SUPs) for One Love’s charter operation or get hard boards instead. We ultimately settled on purchasing two Red Paddle Co 10’6″ inflatable boards and have never regretted that decision. In fact, virtually every time that I put those boards in the water I state how much I love them.

While some people deflate their boards between uses, Rebecca and I, and our charter guests, use these boards so often that we keep them blown up on deck secured to the lifelines. Getting them in or out of the water thus takes only 60 seconds or so, with no heavy lifting.

Any drawbacks to report? Well, we do need to add a bit of air every few days, but that too is simple with the pump that came with the boards. Where did we buy them? From our favorite chandlery, Budget Marine in St. Martin. Did either Budget or Red Paddle Co pay me to write this, or sponsor us in any way? I wish! Nope, we’re just happy, satisfied customers. 🙂

Rebecca and I out for a sunset “stroll” last night in Magen’s Bay, St. Thomas.


  1. What did you pay for those, Mike? Just sold our old kayak since we can’t use it much on the St. Lucie River. Plus, it weighs a ton. Considering something lighter when we return to full-time sailing.

  2. Nice looking paddle boards! Only draw back with leaving them inflated is the PVC material won’t last long at all with constant uv exposure.

  3. Great photo angle. Is that done with your go pro on the end of your paddle?

  4. I also have a PVC inflatable board (Tower) that I plan to leave inflated all the time. In the process of making a simple cover to protect it from UV while still easy to use.

  5. A good practice would be to use 3M 303 on the paddle boards. Think of it as PVC sunscreen!

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