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People are often curious about the routes that we take during a week-long charter, and the places we stop. Many seem to think that we have a canned itinerary and that we always go to the same places. While there are definitely popular spots that most people want to visit, the fact is that we really do plan our trips on-the-fly with input from our guests (and, of course, Mother Nature). Why? Because the word vacation means very different things to different people.

Take our last group for example; they were all just extremely happy to simply enjoy their time on One Love. While other guests may not be satisfied unless they hit all the hot spots, the Carmichael clan was more interested in doing the opposite, spending time in quiet, out-of-the way places, and we were happy to provide that. Two of the guests were avid SCUBA divers so we made a point of arranging a couple of rendezvous dives for them, but beyond that, we all just enjoyed the settled weather as we circumnavigated the islands. And what’s not to love about spending time on a beautiful boat in the pristine Virgin Islands?


  1. Gorgeous sunset photos!

  2. We often find our best cruises on the boat are short hops withing a small area as you feel less rushed and get to enjoy all area has to offer. It is great that you offer such flexibility to your guests, rather than a set itinerary. I hate feeling like my vacations are just as hectic as my work life.

  3. Hi Mike and Rebecca, I have just come to the end of your awesome blog, yes I have read the entire thing must be a sucker for punishment! You are both truly inspirational, the stories and pictures shared here are amazing and have really pushed me to start planning out our 5 year plan to get going. Wishing you all the best for 2015

  4. Relaxing on the boat and just enjoying the weather and the places sounds IDEAL.


  5. Okay, you are getting lazy. I’ve seen that turtle before.

  6. Hey guys,

    Nice seeing you this morning coming into Coopers Island! Nasty weather getting here though hey, interesting sailing in 25+ knots out of nowhere.

    Have a good one!

    Simon & Helen (Interlude I)

    • Hi Simon. Finally got around to replying to all of these comments. I wish I had noticed this comment when we were there at Cooper. I would have come over to say Hi. In spite of the weather, you looked as if you were having a nice time too!

  7. You are either incredibly busy or have gotten incredibly distracted. Or maybe you have been jailed by a banana republic dictator or petty customs official.

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