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Our first real practice at waiting for a weather window appears to have paid off, or at least that is our impression of being underway for 45 minutes. The strong winds, big seas, rain and clouds of the last few days have been replaced by sunshine and what we hope will be favorable winds and waves.

It was fortunate though, that since we had planned to depart today, that our friend Christian from NYC was able to drive to Staten Island to pick us up and take us to the city for a visit. Christian is a very cool guy who runs a MMA gym in Manhattan so not only were we able to have a whirlwind tour of the area, we were also able to visit his gym and train a bit.

Thanks very much, Christian. Hopefully we can repay the hospitality when we reach someplace tropical. For the moment though our sights are set on Cape May. Today’s traveling may take us to Manasquan, Barneget Inlet, Atlantic City or all the way to Cape May. We’ll let the weather decide that for us.

We decided to anchor for free in Great Kills instead of paying for a mooring for a forth night.

Rebecca and Christian seeing how may rules they can break in one shot.

Our first stop in Manhattan, The King’s Head Tavern (I think that’s what it was called).

Yup, this is what a city looks like.

Walking down Broadway.

Is this what they mean by “The Big Apple?”

Taking pictures of the tourists taking pictures.

Training at Christian’s gym.

He talked me into teaching a bit, as payment for the margaritas at the tavern

The warnings about pirates are all valid. Christian even has some in his gym!


  1. Cool shots – and good to see pics of you in the gym, Mike!

    Where were you standing to get that shot across Times Square? You seem to be above the people on the pavement.

  2. Cape May? Wow, that puts you pretty close to us! I hope you are able to make the time to stop through in Annapolis and say hi. When you get close, I can zap you some details.
    I will try not to give birth until then. 🙂 Right now the baby is upside down (head up rather than down) so I am spending all of my time upside down in the pool trying to flip her. It’s a good laugh, let me tell you!
    Travel safe you two!

    • Once we get to Cape May we’ll have all the time in the world. We are on route at this moment and should be there this evening. So, with that said, we definitely want to come and visit you!

  3. Exciting that you are on your way down the Jersey Shore. As far as I know there are no real anchorages in Atlantic City. Watch the channel intersection going in, the markers can be confusing. Stay close to the seawall on your left and bend left. You can get a T-head from the Harbormaster in front of the Trump Marina. In Cape May you can anchor for free off the coast guard station on your left going in. You can dinghy ashore at Utsch’s Marina. Nice people and very accomodating. Cheers!

  4. Ah I miss New York and King’s Head Tavern! 😀

  5. Is this the Christian that has “The Package”?
    Please let me know how it works for you 😉

    • Yes, and the package has been retrieved. 🙂

      To be honest, we haven’t tried it yet because I didn’t figure it would work well while on the move. I’ll let you know how it works though!

      • Mike,

        You’d be surprised. The front has an approx 35-45 degree aperature. Using the flexible tripod, mounted to a railing…pointed toward shore..should achieve excellant results..even while moving. The furthre away you are, the wider the “beam”. Just try to make sure the inside element stays close to vertical (tripod mount at 6’oclock 😉 )

        take care

  6. Sounds as though you are making great progress despite the weather. Maybe you can be there to welcome in the new baby! I’m sure she will flip for that opportunity! 🙂

  7. As far as those signs you see with all of the rules, well when we see them in Mexico and Cuba, those rules (laws) are “suggestions only”. Carry on as per usual! No worries!!

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