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Our friend Michael is now officially the proud owner of his first boat, a Leopard 4600 catamaran. All of the important papers were signed yesterday and the funds were transferred. As you might imagine, we are very happy for him; this has been a long time coming.

Along with that of course, Rebecca and I now have a new place to live, and a new job. Today will be the first day that we’ll be taking the boat out sailing by ourselves (the three of us). We’ve already begun working into our new schedule though, which involves setting the alarm clock early so that we can get our workouts in before the day’s activities start.

  • Coffee made – check!
  • Workout done – check!
  • Engine checks completed – check!
  • Blog updated – check!

On On!


  1. Congratulations you guys! I know you will all be very successful in this new endeavor.

  2. Congrats! Can’t wait to hear all about it.

  3. Exciting for both you guys….Will you have Michael do a guest post on his thoughts on using his boat in charter and his intentions short term and long term, etc…That might be kewl! Or you do like an interview…..Good luck to both you guys!

  4. Sweet FIRST boat!!! Congrats everyone!

  5. Need a liveaboard accountant?

  6. You two are living your dreams!! Mine to as a matter of fact…

  7. Congratulations to the three of you.

  8. W E L L D O N E !

    Pictures please or we won’t believe you 😉

    Include a few pics of the happy owner too, and maybe a few of his comments on the start of the ambitious undertaking.


  9. So happy for Michael that his dream came true! Such a blessing from an an amazing God,

  10. So exciting and all that waiting, planning and anticipating culminated to this… Congratulations to all !! Hope you enjoy your “firsts”

  11. Congratulations on this milestone for the three of you. Enjoy!

    D & Don

  12. Congrats Mike and Rebecca, I look forward to continuing reading your stories for the next 4 or more years.

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