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Notice that I said yesterday that I can’t drink “straight” rum before noon! The following video was shot by our friend Carl for his blog but I thought that our readers might enjoy seeing it too. Alas, Carl will be leaving us today so we will be out from under his bad influence. 😉 If only all guests could be this cool!

Answer to yesterday’s question:

A transit is another word for a range.

My course begins tomorrow so we’ll be moving ZTC over to Prickly Bay later today so that we’re closer to the class location. Wish me luck (on the course, not on moving the boat)!


  1. You guys ROCK. Thanks a ton for including me as a member of the crew of Zero to Cruising for the past week. It’s a point of fact I drank more rum in Grenada than I used fresh water on the boat. Now hit the books and see you up island in a few months.

  2. Love those Caribbean Protein Shakes

  3. Great video!! We’ve never heard of the Bloody Brutus, but it sounds good … after noon!

  4. I’m guessing you were down below nursng a morning after rum binge during the AMAZING filmin???

  5. Carl is a cool guy. Looking forward to hearing his tales of his time on ZTC.

  6. Clamato? Didn’t expect that there.

  7. Great update – we’re going to miss you this year at the PDQ get together. Eric and Bonnie are going to give us a hand – we’ll have to post a video from the group (don’t think it will hold a candle to “Bloody Brutus”…)

    We’re getting ready for Irene, glad it dodged y’all — we’ll get a double shot. We’ll be home in Edgewater for it’s arrival, then Sunday morning we’re driving to New York City for a afternoon wedding – so we’ll shoot past the storm to meet it again at the wedding (if this marriage comes off it’s going to be bullet proof – earthquake on Tuesday, Irene arriving for the ceremony).

    Knock on wood… our PDQ should be OK in DC on the floating dock…

  8. Mike, good luck on both moving the boat AND the class! And how come Rebecca didn’t mix you one of those drinks, or did you get to finish hers?

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