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The last few days we have been pretending to be UPS. With multiple pickups and deliveries we have again been clearing stuff out of our house. Last night we finally had a chance to sit down and watch one of our latest educational additions, a DVD on heavy-weather sailing. The DVD titled Storm Tactics was produced by the Pardey’s (we mentioned them earlier in the Blog). They have a book with the same title but we opted for the moving-picture variety this time. Something about survival inspired me to want to get all of the details! The DVD covered the use of storm sails, para-anchors and heaving to. In spite of the fairly clear demonstrations this stuff definitely falls into the category of things that we will need to work out once we get our own boat.

On a similar topic though (survival!) we had a conversation yesterday with one of our friends, a doctor, about medical treatment for emergencies while at sea. He passed along some appropriate reading material and is going to help us with setting up a med kit for our boat. It pays to have smart friends (or in the absence of that an internet connection and the knowledge of how to Google)!

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  1. Now that is a stormy sea. I am glad to hear you are getting prepared – you will experience one sooner or later. The main thing is to keep your cool (easier said than done)

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