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When one half of a cruising couple makes a trip back “home,” it is a bit of a double-edged sword. On the one hand, you’ll of course miss them and all the things that they typically do to keep your little floating world functioning will have to be either ignored until their return or you’ll have to pick up the slack and do them all yourself. On the other hand, they’ll no doubt come back with suitcases packed with stuff. Stuff that either can’t be purchased down island or would be cost prohibitive it it were.

Is all that for us?

But, what if you have a friend(s) on another boat returning stateside? A good friend. Then there’s little downside, right? That is exactly the situation we found ourselves in when Cheryl and Mikalya from Happy Times set off for a one month visit back home. Of course, we had to look after Mike who was now left all alone (during carnival I might add), but in return, our friends were kind enough to play “mules” for us, bringing us back a whole whack of “gifts.” I’m not going to mention specifically what these gifts might have been because knowing how popular this blog is, who’s to say that some bored customs agent isn’t perusing it right now (yeah, right). I will say that we are extremely appreciative of their help though! So much in fact that I might call them right now on my handheld VHF radio to tell them that I just backed up our movies onto our mini 500 GB USB hard drive before updating this blog about them on our MacBook Pro. 😉

You can see from the J’Ouvert image that I previously posted that we were taking good care of Mike (far left). Imagine the trouble that he could have gotten into if he were not in our care during Cheryl and Mikayla’s absence!

The answer to yesterday’s question: The image I posted represents a Traffic Separation Scheme, the marine equivalent of a divided highway.

Today’s question has two parts:

  1. What is a SART.
  2. How many pulses does it send out: 6, 12, or 18?